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GO GO PAY, free payment starts from now on!

Low transaction rates and transparent fees that can be checked at any time
No binding contract, quit at any time without termination fee
Free card swiping machine, Pax A80 is fast and reliable
Contactless payment, supports various NFC platforms
Multiple payment methods, credit card and debit card mobile APP
Free printing paper, unlimited supply on demand
24-hour online, bilingual technical support in Chinese and English

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Buy Go Go’s popular POS customer management system at a super low price and get a free reservation website
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Register for Google Map for free, no need to waste your precious time reading Google’s complicated registration rules

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Have a smooth journey and your career will soar to the sky!

Welcome everyone to choose our service, our credit card machine will be the key to your career taking off. First of all, efficient transaction processing speed will lead to faster business development, customers can complete payment transactions more quickly, improve transaction efficiency, thereby creating more opportunities for business growth.

Secondly, our emphasis on security will bring confidence to customers. As risks in the payment industry continue to increase, our card swiping machines adopt the most advanced security technology to ensure that customers' payment information and transaction data are fully protected. This not only allows customers to handle every transaction worry-free, but also establishes their credibility in the market.

Most importantly, convenient payment solutions will enhance the customer experience and earn more satisfaction for their business. Customers can easily choose from a variety of payment methods, whether it is credit card, debit card or mobile payment, all can be processed quickly on our card swiping machines. This convenience will leave a deep impression on customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and laying a solid foundation for the continued success of the business. Choose our credit card machines to help you take your business to the next level and start a more prosperous business journey.

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Pay easily and enjoy a convenient experience

Our company website provides customers with convenient online payment services, including appointment deposit payment, gift card purchase and online shopping. This series of features is designed to optimize user experience and promote sales growth.


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GO GO PAY: Why choose our card swiping machine to achieve success in your business

Discover the free Pax A80 card swipe machine from GO GO PAY and how it can enhance your payment experience quickly and reliably. The article will provide an in-depth analysis of the advanced technology of credit card machines and their practical applications in business, as well as why this innovative service makes GO GO PAY the first choice for merchants.

GO GO PAY’S TRANSPARENT CHARGES: Why you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees again

Discuss the transparent charging policy of GO GO PAY and analyze its practical significance to merchants. The article will explain in detail how GO GO PAY ensures that fees are clearly visible, eliminating concerns about hidden fees and allowing users to feel assured, trust and better understand their payment expenses.

Payment innovation: GO GO PAY leads the new trend of contactless payment

Learn how GO GO PAY is leading a wave of innovation in the payments industry, especially in the field of contactless payments. The article will highlight how GO GO PAY creates a smarter and more convenient payment experience for merchants and consumers by supporting various NFC platforms and providing contactless payment solutions, promoting the future development of payment methods.

With one swipe in hand, you are worry-free, GO GO PAY is here to protect you!