Pay In-Store


Pay In-Store

Supporting machine: PAX A80

Go Go provides free high-quality credit card machines that support Apple and Android mobile phone payments. It can handle various types of credit cards and debit cards, and supports multiple payment methods such as swipe card, card insertion and NFC. This high-quality PAX A80 card swiping machine helps merchants reduce operating costs and increase sales, thereby maximizing merchants' interests.

Star machine: PAX 920 Pro

Super low price Buy now the most popular high-end POS upgraded version of the card swiping machine on the market, which supports Apple and Android mobile phone payment, fashionable appearance, and processing Faster speed, larger screen, wireless Wifi connection for mobile processing of card swiping services, and touch screen for easy operation.

With one swipe in hand, you are worry-free, GO GO PAY is here to protect you!