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Low rates, fast payment, no contract, no traps

GoGo provides free PAX A80 credit card swipe machines to provide you with a smooth, fast and efficient checkout experience

Free benefits

  1. Free print paper
  2. Free online payment interface, online sales of gift cards, reservation deposits, product sales
  3. Free customer reservation system
  4. Sign up for Google Map for free
Product Description

GO GO PAY, start opening a store and collecting payments!

Low transaction rates and transparent fees that can be checked at any time
No binding contract, quit at any time without termination fee
Free card swiping machine, Pax A80 is fast and reliable
Contactless payment, supports various NFC platforms
Multiple payment methods, credit card and debit card mobile APP
Free printing paper, unlimited supply on demand
24-hour online, bilingual technical support in Chinese and English

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Buy Go Go’s popular POS customer management system at a super low price and get a free reservation website
Enjoy an independent domain name at an ultra-low price and customize the reservation website
Register for Google Map for free, no need to waste your precious time reading Google’s complicated registration rules

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Online payment interface

Pay easily and collect money 24 hours a day

Our company website provides customers with convenient online payment services, including appointment deposit payment, gift card purchase and online shopping. This series of features is designed to optimize user experience and promote sales growth.

About Us

Pay quickly, GO GO PAY makes payment easier!

GO GO PAY was established in Flushing, New York in 2017 and has accumulated five or six years of industry experience. It is a leading company dedicated to providing innovative payment solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. We are known for our low rates, transparent charges, flexible and convenient services, and provide merchants with comprehensive payment support.

The company's core services include providing free Pax A80 credit card machines that support multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards and mobile APP payments. We have introduced the latest contactless payment technology to create a more efficient and safer payment experience for merchants and customers. At the same time, GO GO PAY features no binding contracts and no cancellation fees for exiting at any time, providing merchants with greater flexibility and autonomy.

The company upholds the core advantages of innovative technology, user first and transparent charging, and is committed to becoming the most trustworthy payment partner for customers by continuously improving service levels and technological innovation. Our bilingual technical support team in Chinese and English is online around the clock to ensure that customers can receive timely assistance at any time. In the future, GO GO PAY will continue to delve into the payment field, provide customers with more diversified and intelligent payment solutions, and jointly meet the challenges and opportunities of the industry. Choose GO GO PAY and experience the new charm of payment with us!

With one swipe in hand, you are worry-free, GO GO PAY is here to protect you!

Product Highlights

Highlights of quality, extraordinary experience

Supporting machine: PAX A80

Go Go provides free high-quality credit card machines that support Apple and Android mobile phone payments. It can handle various types of credit cards and debit cards, and supports multiple payment methods such as swipe card, card insertion and NFC. This high-quality PAX A80 card swiping machine helps merchants reduce operating costs and increase sales, thereby maximizing merchants' interests.

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Star machine: PAX 920 Pro

Super low price Buy now the most popular high-end POS upgraded version of the card swiping machine on the market, which supports Apple and Android mobile phone payment, fashionable appearance, and processing Faster speed, larger screen, wireless Wifi connection for mobile processing of card swiping services, and touch screen for easy operation.

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GO GO PAY: Why choose our card swiping machine to achieve success in your business

Discover the free Pax A80 card swipe machine from GO GO PAY and how it can enhance your payment experience quickly and reliably. The article will provide an in-depth analysis of the advanced technology of credit card machines and their practical applications in business, as well as why this innovative service makes GO GO PAY the first choice for merchants.

GO GO PAY’S TRANSPARENT CHARGES: Why you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees again

Discuss the transparent charging policy of GO GO PAY and analyze its practical significance to merchants. The article will explain in detail how GO GO PAY ensures that fees are clearly visible, eliminating concerns about hidden fees and allowing users to feel assured, trust and better understand their payment expenses.

Payment innovation: GO GO PAY leads the new trend of contactless payment

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GO GO PAY's mission is to help merchants simplify the payment process, improve transaction efficiency, and provide more favorable transaction rates by providing advanced payment technology. Our vision is to become a trusted payment partner for customers and promote innovation and development in the payment industry.

GO GO PAY adheres to the concept of continuous innovation and service-oriented, and will continue to delve into the payment field and provide customers with more diversified and intelligent payment solutions. We are committed to becoming our customers' most trustworthy payment partner and working together to meet future challenges and opportunities.