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The calculation of the rate is jointly decided by the credit card issuer used and the receiving bank financial institution based on the type, region and number of issuances of the card. The rate of many cards can be lower than 2%, but many foreign cards, Prime mark cards, American Express cards are more expensive, but the overall price is around 2.2%. We also provide real-time data for your analysis.

No contract refers to an unbound contract and you can exit at any time. Go Go has no contract and you can withdraw at any time without any conditions or reasons, and there are no withdrawal fees.

Go Go Pay offers most of the machines on the market, and we recommend one free and one purchase model. If you want something beautiful and portable with a battery, you can choose PAX A920 Pro. The white appearance is convenient and compact. It can be connected to Wifi and mobile phone hotspots. The touch screen operation color page is beautiful and easy to operate. Of course, you can choose our free model PAX A80, which has a large color screen, supports Wi-Fi and does not require frequent movement of the machine, and the button operation is simple and easy to understand.

First of all, we have a 24-hour service hotline in Chinese and English. You can call the service hotline on the machine to communicate with us at any time. Go Go's service team will also provide you with better solutions.

We also provide monthly card payment packages, please feel free to consult our customer service and sales staff.

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